• 4M Grow a Maze Kit

    This plant maze is a great toy for anyone interested in experimenting with nature, both young and old. Just plant a bean and watch it sprout and wind its way through the maze.
    Grow-A-Maze also comes with a transparent cover, a water pot, and a mini-magnifying glass so you can watch both above and below the soil and see for yourself just how plants work.
    The container measures approximately 5-inches x 4-inches and works as a great office desktop decoration/garden.

  • Olympia Sports 11832 Grow-A-Frog Kit

    Made with the Best Quality Material with your child in mind.
    NOTE: Kit includes a coupon code. Once redeemed, the manufacturer will ship BOTH the aquarium and tadpole directly to you. (Not available in Alaska or Hawaii)
    Top Quality Children’s Item.