• Medical cannabis and opioids can work together and in many instances reduce the amount of opioid medication needed for the same level of pain reduction or eliminate the need for opioid medication altogether.

• Pain is not always treated adequately with available opiates, antidepressants and/or anticonvulsant drugs. Opioids have proven efficacy and relative safety treating acute pain and pain during terminal illness. Opioids do not have proven efficacy or safety for treating chronic pain in the long term (Kowal 2015).

• 10 milligrams of THC (marijuana’s active ingredient) yielded the same amount of pain relief as 60 milligrams of codeine in one Institute Of Medicine study of 473 adults.

• 80 % of cannabis users gave up their anxiety, pain, and arthritis medication in one study conducted by the Centre for Addictions Research of BC.

• Opioid painkillers and heroin have driven overdose deaths to the point where they are now the leading cause of fatal injuries in the U.S. Veterans are twice as likely to die from accidental overdose compared to the non-veteran population.

• In the U.S. Pharmacopeia from 1850-1941, marijuana & hashish extracts were the most prescribed medications in the U.S. from 1842-1890s. During these years there were over 2000 different pharmaceutical medications containing cannabis. These cannabis medicines were produced and sold in the U.S. by Squibb, Eli Lily and Parke Davis.

• States with medical cannabis laws had a 24.8 percent lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate compared with states without medical cannabis laws.

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